Environmentally friendly Dafi hot water supply system

Dafi hot water supply system

Traditional hot water supply system

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Dafi water heaters and ecology

Due to the progressive deterioration of the environment, more and more important to our ecological approach to life and all aspects .

Everyone, of course, heard of threats such as the ozone hole and greenhouse effect. The contemporary "conscious" man can not pretend that such problems do not exist, or assume that a unit can not in any way to respond to these problems. It is important that we try to do as much as we can to protect the environment. Segregation waste, the rational use of detergents, water saving, these are actions that everyone can actually turn in their daily lives and thus contribute in some degree to protect our planet.

In every household there is a need to provide access to a household of warm water and a sufficiently high temperature. Created for this purpose the central heating systems, usually characterized by low efficiency. Much of the initial heat generated is lost during transport to the recipient. This happens, for example, due to the inadequacy of equipment which is heat transport (pipes, boilers) and the distance to which heat must be transported.

These processes also exert certain effects on the environment. Heat energy is absorbed to a large extent by the environment, what in the world largely contributes to global warming, which in turn entails other adverse processes. In addition, excessive consumption of water used in the heating process leads to deficits in water and the destruction of forests.

In Poland this is a problem so much more important that the vast majority of the heat produced by burning coal, and the ecology of this technology does not have much in common. In light of the spectrum is already exhausted in the real future of non-renewable sources of energy, change ways of thinking about the heating technology is simply necessary.

Decentralised water heating DAFI fits perfectly in this ecological trend. In addition to environmental benefits also provides tangible economic benefits for its users, making it the ideal solution when it comes to hot water in our homes.


Zero carbon strategy

Significant amounts of world`s CO2 emissions arise from the use of heat.

That is energy used for inter alia water heating. Therefore, if we are to deliver long-term reductions in carbon emissions we have to look at heat. Electric instantaneous Dafi water heater have lower in comparison with other water heaters Carbon Load per wash in kg C02. (0,0608)*

* please check enclosed Carbon Footprint Analysis

Pure energy with Dafi water heaters 

Pure Energy

DAFI heater is designed to heat water in a decentralized system. This is consistent with the general laws of development of technology. Central heating water, like the nineteenth century a large steam engine driving the entire company.

  • Use at different points of abstraction of water heaters with different strengths heating element, depending on the needs, allows you to use cheaper compared to a single heater (gas or electric capacitive high-power)
  • Mounting the heater near the point of abstraction there is no heat loss related to the transmission of large pipes on the distance and there is no loss of time waiting for hot water, since it appears immediately after unscrewing the valve
  • Specially designed aerator reduces water and energy consumption

Electricity is clean and widely used source of energy. It is available as any other commodity market. To increase the power enough to make an allocation in the District Office of Energy proposal specifying the connection capacity, the estimated annual energy consumption, and evidence of title to the facility.

The future belongs to electric power, and produced in large quantities will be more available and cheaper. You can get it through: water, wind and sun under the influence, which the plants are a renewable source of heat and electricity. These energy sources in Poland is in abundance and the energy produced will be economically advantageous and very low-cost domestic and the export commodity. Energy security and renewable energy resources may become the future of our country. Electricity produced from renewable sources is environmentally friendly.

Water safenes with Dafi water heaters

Water Safeness

Already water sometimes called oil XXI century. Association expressly shows how important issue already near future will providing enough quantities this commodity.

Although this is one of the natural resources, which number in nature does not decrease, but the constant economic growth, increasing population, climatic changes, etc. that make the provision of access to water may be more difficult. These processes pose before humanity many new problems to solve what turn enforces seeking new solutions rational management water.

Water requirements is enormous and continue growing. Until produce one liter bio diesel need since thousand to four thousand liters water. Produced tony steel requires consumption 40 thousand. liters water. How calculated experts organization Water Infrastructure Network next 20 years need will invest 480 billion U.S. dollars in alone infrastructure drinking water.

In light these processes increasingly important thing is rational management rough materially namely water. Not only industrial scale but also in terms household. Ecological and economical approach water is fortiori justified that note continuous increase money this commodity.

Electric flow heater DAFI allows everyone to save water and energy which would certainly have a positive impact on the content of your portfolios.