Terms and conditions of use



1. The Online Shop, at the web address www.daf-water-heater.com belongs to:

Massalskiego 17
25-635 Kielce

Euro Vat ID: PL9591520769
REGON: 260342302

2. To effectively order the pc with the processor of min. 1200MHz, 64MB RAM, graphic card which supports the resolution of 800x600 and 256 colours, the web browser (Internet Explorer (version >=5.5 ), Mozilla Firefox, Opera), a keyboard or other pointing device are needed which enables to correctly fulfill the electronic forms.

3. The prices privided are gross prices (include VAT) denominated in Polish zlotys and they are binding prices at the time of order.

4. The price of an item is binding while supplies last.

5. The Shop reserves the right to change the product prices or introduce new items to the offer, to launch or cancel an advertising campaigns at the Shop’s website and to change them.

6. The Seller declares that the Products sold via www.dafi-water-heater.com are brand-new, under warranty of the producer and they have all the necessary certificates required by the Polish law.

7. The Seller uses best efforts to make all the products visible at the website www.daf-water-heater.com consistent with the stocks. In case the products from the order are partly or completely unavailable, the Buyer shall be informed and then decide on the form of the order, which is: partly completing, extending time of expecting or cancelling the whole order.

8. In case of promotions or sales of the limited quantity of products, the orders are executed by the sequence of receiving confirmed orders while stocks of these forms of sale last.


1. To place an order at the Online Shop www.dafi-water-heater.com an electronic form available at the website must be filled in.

2. While ordering, the Buyer is obliged to declare true personal data: name and surname, actual address of residence, email address or telephone number.

3. The Seller reserves the right to refuse to process an order which provokes doubts. The Buyer will be informed about such situation immediately.

4. The Buyer will be informed about the status of the order via an email.

5. According to the Act of 2 March, 2000 on Protection of Certain Rights of Consumer and Liability for Damage Caused by a Hazardous Product, the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days after receiving the goods. In case of returning the goods the Seller should be informed by the Buyer via an email: info@dafi-water-heater.com. The returned goods must be complete and have the original, not destroyed producer’s packing and  must not show the traces of use. It is also necessary to attach the original document of sale. The costs of returning the goods bears the Buyer. The Buyer is obliged to secure the returning goods so as to protect them from damage in the transport. If the delivered goods are incomplete or show the traces of use, Saintbest company reserves the right to refuse to receive the parcel or lower the returning amount of money. After receiving the goods, Saintbest company will return the amount of money equal to the price paid for the goods, issue a corrective invoice and send it back to the Buyer. After receiving the corective invoice, the Buyer is obliged to send back the copy to the address of Saintbest company.

6. In case of withdrawal from the contract, the money will be sent back to the Buyer’s bank account within 14 days after the goods are recived by the Seller again.


1. In the Online shop – www.dafi-water-heater.com - The Customer can make a payment in a various way:

- by a credit card or directly from a bank account via PayPal.com system

2. The moment of making the payment is only when: the payment arrives to the bank account of the Seller (in case of making a bank tranfer or Cach on Delivery payment) or the payment obtains a positive authorisation ( in case of credit cards or the online transfer via PayPal.com system)

3. The Buyer is obliged to pay the final price which is the price of the goods enhanced by the cost of the transport.


1. The realisation of the orders is within 1-3 working days after accepting the order and the payment.

2. The delivery is fulfilled by Ups or Poczta Polska.

3. As soon as the parcel is transferred to the courier, the Buyer will receive an electronic massage to the given email address. The Buyer has the possibility to check the status of the parcel via www.daf-water-heater.com and the link provided in the confirmation email.

4. The delivery costs bears the Buyer.

5. The delivery costs depend on the weight of the parcel according to the price list of Ups or Poczta Polska.


1. The Seller informs that all the products sold via the www.dafi-water-heater.com are new and under warranty of the producer or the importer.

2. The duration of warranty depends on the kind of product or the importer.

3. The warranty cards which the Buyer gets together with some goods are not normally stamped.


1. In case when the Buyer finds the product defective or non-compliant with the agreement, the Buyer may claim damages directly at the producer, at the given warranty service or process the warranty procedure via the Saintbest company.

2. In case of a technical damage arising during the transport or directing the claims to the seller, the Buyer shall contact the Seller and send back the secured goods to the address: Saintbest, Massalskiego 17, 25-635 Kielce, Poland. Together with the goods, the original proof of purchases should be sent as well. The Saintbest company does not accept any COD parcels. The damages arising during delivery and transport are only considered when they are discovered in the courier’s presence. In such case, it is necessary to write down the protocol of the damage in the courier’s presence and then contact immediately the worker of the www.dafi-water-heater.com online shop.

3. The Saintbest company is responsible to the Client according to the art. 10 for non-compliance with the agreement specified by the Act on Special Terms and Conditions of Consumer Sales from July 27, 2002. However, it does not apply when the Buyer does not report the damage within 2 months after the damage has been discovered as non-compliant with the agreement.


1. Differences in the appearance of the products sold in our online shop SAINTBEST due to individual hardware settings (color of the goods, the proportion of goods, etc.) does not constitute grounds for a claim of purchased goods.

2. All of these products and names are used only for the identification purposes and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

3. Placing an order or registering online store WWW.DAFI-WATER-HEATER.COM is tantamount to consent to the storage and processing by SAINTBEST. personal data contained in the contract, in accordance with regulations Polish Act of 29.08.1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 101, item 926 as amended. changes).

4. SAINTBEST Company informs that personal data of Buyer will be processed only in order to effectively confirm the order and delivery of the goods at the address indicated by the Buyer. The buyer has the right to inspect stored by SAINTBEST personal information changed or completely removed from the system.

5. The competent court for any disputes arising from the contract of sale is the court competent for the defendant or the court competent for the place of performance.

6. In matters not covered by this agreement will apply the relevant provisions of the Polish Civil Code, Law of 02.03.2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products.

7. Ordering online store WWW.DAFI-WATER-HEATER.COM implies full acceptance of these rules.

8. In accordance with Article 8 paragraph. 3 point 2. b) of the Act on electronic services of 18 July 2002, the customer is not obliged to place illegal content in site store WWW.DAFI-WATER-HEATER.COM.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy governs the use of the Online Shop www.dafi-water-heater.com.


1.This document states the conditions of processing and protecting personal data of the Online Shop at the web address www.dafi-water-heater.com

2. The words with capital letters which are not defined in any other way are of the same importance as stated in the Conditions of sale with the use of means of distance communication and rendering electronic services at the web address: info@dafi-water-heater.com

3. According to the Personal Data Protection Act the data controller is the service provider: Saintbest , Massalskiego 17, 25-635 Kielce, Poland

4. The service provider abides by the rules of privacy protection specified in the Personal Data Protection Act.


5. We collect information to:

a) fulfill an order/reservation and to ensure efficient managing and functioning of the Online Shop, including the data collected automatically while ordering/booking and/or visiting our website.
b) register the customer’s account in the Online Shop

6. To fulfill the order/reservation the service provider collects the following information: name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address, address of residence, delivery address, name of the contractor and NIP number - in case of a business person.

7. To register the customer’s account in the Online Shop we collect the following information: name and surname, e-mail address and password.

8. The service provider claims that providing the information in 6 and 7, marked as obligatory, is voluntary, however it is at the same time necessary to fulfill the order/reservation or to register an account.

9. The Personal Data collected to fulfill an order/reservation and efficient managing and functioning of the Online Shop and to register an account is processed :

a) to offer the service, sell the products and deliver them
b) to administrate the registration process and logging in
c) in case of possible resolution of claims
d) to explain any circumstances of rendering the electronic services in a prohibited way
e) to make reprts and analyses for the service provider which mention the  functioning of the Online Shop, including the statistics of viewing the subpages
f) to adjust the Online Shop to the customer’s needs

10. Apart from this, the customer’s data is processed, on distinct agreement:

a) for marketing service of the service provider and the entity cooperating with the service provider, especially for the purpose of organizing promotions, contests and  other marketing tools completion.
b) To receive trade information, especially sending the newsletter ordered electronically to the given address by the service provider

11. The service provider informs that while using the Online Shop the customer’s data are also collected automatically. The data might be gathered in the logos of the Online Shop by the Cookie files and the Web Beacon system.

12. The service provider informs that while connecting with the Online Shop the number information (including IP) appears and the type of the final device of the customer from which the customer connects with the Online Shop. The service provider informs that the information about: the number (including IP), the final device type, transfer time and other operation data is processed legally. The mentioned data is processed for technical reasons and also to gather general statistics about the Online Shop.

13. The service provider uses the Cookie files to collect information related to using the Online Shop by the customer.
The Cookie files are the IT data, especially small text files, saved and stored on the devices which are used by the customer while visiting the Online Shop websites. The websites enable:

a) saving the sessions (after logging in), owing to which a customer does not have to repeat their login nor password at every single subpage
b) adjusting the Online Shop to the needs of customers and other people visiting the Online Shop
c) producing statistics regarding the website traffic
d) personalization of marketing message
e) ensuring the safety and reliability of the Online Shop

The administrator uses both: session Cookies which are deleted after the web browser window closes, and persistent Cookies which remain for some time on user’s device.

The customer may at any time change the settings regarding Cookie files by specifying the terms of storing and accessing by the Cookie files to the customer’s device. The change of the settings might be made by web browser settings or by using the configuration of the service. The following settings may be changed in such a way as to block the automatic handling of the Cookie files in the settings of web browser or to inform about them whenever they are posted on the customer’s device. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of handling with the Cookie files are available in the settings of the software.

The customer may delete the Cookie files at any time using the available features on the web browser used.

Restricting the use of Cookie files may affect some features available on the website of the service.
The Online Shop also uses the Cookie files placed by the partners of the Service Provider. They enable personalization of the marketing service and summarazing its effects. Privacy Policy does not set the manners of using Cookie files by third parties. More information about the Cookie files are available on the particular websites of the parteners of the Service Provider.

14. Some of the subpages of the Online Shop and other means of communication with the customers may conatin so called: “web beacon” (electronic peactures, also known as pixel gifs). Web beacons enable accessing information such as the IP address (Internet Protocol) of the device used to load the page on which: the URL nmber, page loading time, type of the web browser and also the information included in the Cookie files ( to assess the adds effectiveness) are placed.


15. The Service Provider reserves the right to reveal some piece of information regarding the Customer to the competent authority or to third parties which shall demand it, in compliance with the relevant legal basis in accordance with the law.

16. The Service Provider informs that the Customer’s data processing or other data mentioned in the Privacy Policy section with the written agreement concluded in accordance with Art. 31 of Personal Data Protection Act, are assigned to the service providing entities regarding: hosting, administration, maintaining and managing of the Online Shop.

17. The Service Provider informs that the Customer’s data processing or other data mentioned in the Privacy Policy section with the written agreement concluded in accordance with Art. 31 of Personal Data Protection Act are assigned to the service providing entities on behalf of the Service Provider or directly of the Customer and which are necessary to order/reservation processing, claim review or to benefit from the financial services available in the Online Shop. The Customer’s personal data might also be entrusted to the couriers, insurers, loan/financial brokers, lenders or financial institutions.


18. The Customer receives the right to access the personal data, the right to correct and complete the data and the right to demand to cease to process it and to remove it. In order to do this the Customer is to send an email to: info@dafi-water-heater.com or use the function “Your account” available in the Online Shop.

19. In case the Service Provider applies for a permission to send marketing messages electronically (via email, sms, etc.) to a person who accepted it, the person is permitted to cancel the permission. In order to do this the Customer is to send an email to: info@dafi-water-heater.com and put in the title the word “resignation” and inform about cancelling the permission, click on the link causing cancelling the permission which is placed in the content of the marketing message or to send written information to the Service Provider’s address.

20. The Customer may place in the Online Shop other people’s data (including their names, surnames, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses) only if no legal basis or personal interests are infringed.

21. The Customer is permitted to use the data and information shared by other customers of the Online Shop only when using the Online Shop and with their consent and in compliance with the relevant legal basis. In other case it is necessary to obtain the other customer’s permission to process their data and information in such a degree or aim that exceeds the scope of using the Online Shop.


22. The Service Provider claims to use best efforts to ensure the Customers high protection while using the Online Shop. It is necessary to report  any incidents affecting the safety of information and data transfer or other incidents regarding the suspicion of sharing the files containing viruses or other similar files and files different than those of destructive mechanisms. To report the following use the email address: info@dafi-water-heater.com.