Why should I install a flowing Dafi water heater instead of a boiler ?
The Dafi flowing water heater only uses electricity when it heats the water. The heater does not have a water tank, so it does not have to waste energy to maintain a certain temperature. Also, the average time of use of the instantaneous water heater is much shorter than that of a conventional storage water heater, which allows for high energy savings. Dafi water heaters have small dimensions, so they can be installed in places where a classic boiler cannot fit.

What type of heater is best to use for the sink and washbasin ?
If you do not care about your own faucet, the best choice will be the Dafi over-sink water heater, which is sold immediately with a faucet and a spout. If you want to use a faucet mounted on the sink, the Dafi under-sink water heater and its counterpart with pressure protection will be a good choice.

Which water heater is best for showering ?
Due to the resistance to splashes and the IPX4 protection class, Dafi under-sink water heater with a power range from 7.3 kW (230V) to 11 kW (400V) will be the best.

Can the Dafi heater be installed in a shower cabin ?
The heater is resistant to steam, moisture and splashes, but cannot be exposed to direct contact with water. It is recommended to install the heater outside, preferably next to the shower cabin.

Why are some heaters marked as 230V and the rest 400V ?
Water heaters with lower power are single-phase and work with a voltage of 230V. In the case of stronger models - it will be necessary to connect to the so-called power cable with a voltage of 400V. They are two-phase heaters.

What power Dafi water heater will work best in the kitchen ? (washing dishes, washing hands)
The most appropriate choice will be a 4.5 kW to 5.5 kW water heater, which will provide enough hot water for washing dishes.

Can the Dafi water heater heat water at two points simultaneously ?
In case of occasional use (e.g. two small washbasins), it is possible. The maximum distance from the heater is 3 meters for both consumption points. It is not an optimal solution for long-term use due to the limited amount of water that can be heated at any given time. In the case of two points with high water demand (e.g. a shower and a sink), a more optimal solution will be to install two weaker heaters, instead of one stronger one.

The heater is an electrical device and is in contact with water, is there a risk of electric shock ?
The only electrical element in the Dafi heater, that comes into contact with water is the heating spiral which is insulated from the rest of the components with a plastic housing. So there is no risk of electric shock.

Can the Dafi over-washbasin heater be installed under the washbasin ?
It is not recommended to install the Dafi over-wash basin heater (with the faucet removed) under the washbasin, as it is a non-pressure device.

Can the Dafi under-washbasin heater be installed above the washbasin ?
Yes, the heater can work as an over-sink heater - after connecting a dedicated Dafi faucet.

Does the Dafi under-washbasin heater need to be fastened to the wall ?
Two mounting methods are available:

1.connecting the Dafi heater using the installation connection included in the set, without the need to fasten it to the wall

2.connecting the Dafi heater directly on flexible hoses, additionally fastening the heater to the wall using the attached hanger.

Why did the hot water pressure drop, the water temperature increased significantly or, by turning off the hot water knob, the heater does not turn on-the water pressure is very weak. When turning on cold water the pressure is higher ?

It is recommended to install flow-through filters that remove mechanical impurities from the water, such as sand, silt or corrosion elements. Dirt accumulating in the heater may lead to the immersion heater burnout

It is recommended to check the faucet, aerator and remove impurities.

Does the Dafi heater have a thermostat ?
The Dafi water heater does not have a built-in thermostat, the water temperature is regulated by the flow of water. The lower flow makes the water hotter, the higher flow lowers the temperature.

At what minimum water pressure does the Dafi heater get turned on ?
The Dafi water heater is activated with a pressure of about 0.8 atm. The maximum water pressure is 6 atm.

How to connect the individual wires ?

Yellow-green wire PE - ground

Blue - N - neutral wire

Brown - L - phase


Yellow-green wire PE - ground

Black wires - phases L1 and L2

Can the Dafi water heater be mounted on the pipe supplying hot water from the boiler, serve as a device for heating up water ?
The Dafi heater is used to heat cold water, it does not have a thermostat regulating the water temperature. If the water pre-heated by the stove gets to the heater, it may damage the components.

What to do in case of heater failure ?
It is necessary to disassemble the device and deliver it to the nearest service point with the proof of purchase and warranty card, file a complaint at the point of purchase or send the application to the e-mail address.

What could be the reason for blown fuses ?
The reason for breaking the protections may be too many devices connected to the electrical system. In order to avoid its overloading, you should know that you must not plug more appliances into the power supply than the fuse provides. Otherwise, it cuts off the current to protect the cables from overload.

How long is the electric cable attached to the heater ?
The length of the electric cable for the under-washbasin heater and over-washbasin heater is 1.5 metre.

Do I need a separate fuse ?
Yes, the fuse requirements are available on the website WWW and in our advertising materials.

Why are the more powerful Dafi water heater models not equipped with a plug ?
According to EU safety regulations, the connection plug can be attached to products with a maximum rated current of 16A. In the case of more powerful models, the cable is ended with wires that must be connected to the electrical system.

Can I use a plastic spout for a metal faucet and a metal spout for a plastic faucet ?
Yes, regardless of the material used, the faucets have the same thread diameter.

How many degrees can the water be heated to ?
All Dafi water heaters heat water to around 40-45oC

The water is warmer in summer and cooler in winter, is this a disadvantage of the heater ?
No, the difference in water temperature between summer and winter seasons is normal and is due to the difference in inlet water temperature and possible pressure fluctuations that occur especially in the colder seasons.

Are Dafi heaters made in China ?
Dafi heaters are manufactured in the Formaster factory located in Poland. All stages of production - from the design phase, through the production of individual elements, ending with assembly and packaging - take place in Poland. We use only high-quality plastics and materials from Europe for production.

What is the useful time of the Dafi water heater ?
The warranty covers the first 3 years of use, but as our research and many years of experience show, the average heater works from 8 to 10 years.

Will the immersion heater and the interior of the Dafi water heater corrode after some time ?
Dafi heaters are mainly made of plastics that do not corrode and do not enter into chemical reactions with water. The only element made of a metal alloy is the immersion heater, enclosed in a housing. Therefore, there is no risk of corrosion and no damage to the heater's components. The immersion heater is a replaceable element.

Can I use the Dafi heater in winter ?
Yes, as long as it is in a heated room.

How to secure the Dafi heater for the winter in an unheated room ?
Close the water supply to the heater and blow out the rest of the water from the inside. This will prevent the water from freezing inside and, as a consequence, damage the heater, or disassemble the device.

Is it enough to turn off the water valve if the heater is not used for a long time ?
It is recommended to purge the heater in order to remove water from the inside, which could freeze at minus temperatures and damage the device.

How long is the warranty ?
The warranty is 3 years from the date of purchase.

How to remove the turncocks from the Dafi water heater faucet ?
Holding the faucet body, pull the knob firmly - avoid jerking it.

The Dafi heater does not heat the water, what could be the reason ?
First, check if the pressure in the water supply network is not too low to start the heater. Then check the power cord and the housing for leaks. Make sure that the heater is installed in accordance with the operation manual. It is best to contact the customer service for information.

What is required to lodge a complaint ?
Proof of purchase in the form of a receipt / invoice, complaint notification and warranty card.

Water is leaking from under the knob of the Dafi heater
The reason may be the heads on which the valves are mounted. The element must be checked and replaced, if necessary.

Water is dripping from the connection between the faucet and the Dafi heater.
Check the condition of the gasket and then tighten the nut. If water is still leaking - the gasket must be replaced.

Water from the Dafi aerator is not pouring with a steady stream
The cause is most likely lime scale and impurities in the aerator. Replace the element with a new one or thoroughly clean it.

Why does the Dafi water heater heat more after switching on, and then the water becomes cooler ?
This is because the existing water in the pipe is warmer than the water that flows into the heater after some time.

How do you know what power the given Dafi water heater has ?
The indication of the available power values can always be found on the packaging or the rating plate on the Dafi water heater.