Dafi water heater installed at the shower Dafi water heater installed at the bath

The DAFI water heater has small overall dimensions and yet retains all the technical parameters of traditional, large heating devices. Its small size makes it possible to install the heater above or under washbasins, sinks, or next to shower cabin or baths.

  • Comfort - unlimited access to hot water.
  • Health - thanks to the special feature, there is no possibility of bacterial growth (Legionella)
  • Economy - money saving through converting all the electricity usedinto heated water.
  • Time saving - hot water is available from the moment you turn on the tap.
  • Water saving - only the exact amount of water you need is heated and used.
  • Power saving - electricity is used only during delivering hot water
  • Full safety is ensured - there is no hazard of a gas explosion- no hazard of gas or fumes poisoning
  • Space saving - small dimensions of the DAFI water heater enable installation at any desirable place; next to/under the sink or washstand, next to the shower cabin, in the bathroom/kitchen cabinet
  • Heat saving - as opposed to central water heating systems - you do not waste heat through water-pipes and concrete walls, while distributing hot water to a distant tap-points.
  • Environmentally friendly - DAFI water heater is made of certified recyclable materials.